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Civil rights laws are in place to protect us, but sadly, many people do not know where to turn when those rights have been violated. If you have suffered due to discrimination, police misconduct or any civil rights abuse in New Mexico, the team at Jones Law Firm, LLC, is here to stand up for you.

Our civil rights attorneys in Albuquerque represent clients throughout the state. Our founder, Alexandra W. Jones, has devoted her career to standing up for individuals facing abuses from powerful institutions. Our team is here to serve as your trusted ally and advocate.

Have You Been Mistreated?

Our attorneys handle a broad range of civil rights cases, including those arising from:

  • Discrimination: Have you been mistreated due to a protected characteristic such as age, race, sex or national origin? It is illegal for your employer to terminate you, demote you, fail to promote you, or otherwise treat you unfairly for this reason. Discrimination is also unlawful in housing, government benefit eligibility and other settings.
  • Police misconduct: These cases can take many forms. Our lawyers can protect your rights if you have suffered due to false arrest, excessive force, unreasonable search and seizure, correctional facility abuse or other abuses of power by law enforcement professionals and agencies.

It may seem daunting to pursue a legal claim against a powerful entity, but you don’t have to face this issue alone. We are here to guide you every step of the way.

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