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Recent motorcycle accident statistics

People who operate motorcycles enjoy the freedom of the open road, complete with the wind blowing against them as they ride. Yet, riding on one of these two-wheeled vehicles means assuming the risk of considerable hazards.

It’s up to motorists and motorcyclists alike to make the roadways safe for everyone, including individuals on motorcycles. Understanding some of the specific dangers motorcyclists face is critical so that these risks can be mitigated effectively.

New Mexico has a higher fatality rate than the nation

One clear indication that motorcycle safety must become a bigger priority in New Mexico is the high fatality rate of motorcycle crashes in this state. New Mexico has a fatality rate of 83.7 in 2020. Nationally, the fatality rate was 67.1. These figures are based on the number of fatalities per 100,000 registered motorcycles.

Glimpse into contributing factors

Taking a look at the national statistics provides an interesting glimpse into some of the contributing factors that might surprise some people. In fatal motorcycle crashes in 2021:

  • 72% of motorcyclists weren’t impaired by alcohol
  • 66% occurred on an urban road
  • 94% happened in good weather
  • 60% were wearing a helmet
  • 50% occurred during the day

More than half of these fatal crashes, 55%, involved another vehicle. This highlights the importance of all drivers keeping motorcycle safety as a priority when they’re on the road. Intersections are a particularly dangerous area for motorcycles because motorcycles have such a small profile. Drivers have to be especially vigilant about watching for them so they don’t breach the motorcyclist’s right of way.

Motorcyclists who are struck by another driver will likely need considerable medical care. This can be very costly to handle, and it comes at a time when victims might not be able to work because of their injuries. They may opt to pursue a compensation claim to help cover the financial damages of a crash, provided that it was caused by another’s negligence.